March 2, 2010

T-Dot Pioneers Exhibition, March 4-April 18, 2010

Opening Reception of “T-Dot Pioneers”
Thursday March 4th 2010, 6pm- Midnight

7:30 Opening Remarks by Dalton Higgins and Key Note address by K4ce, emcee
and originator of the term ‘T-Dot'.

8:30 Performances by some of T-Dot's finest MCs!

Live to air CHRY 105.5fm from 6pm to midnight

Music by:
DJ DTS (Masterplan Show)
O-Nonymous (Sound Junction Show)
Great Scott (Sound Junction Show)
DJ Grumps (Bigger than Hip Hop Show)

Performances by:
Poet and Emcee Ian Kamau
Roach Uno (Handmade Music)
Tdot Representative Thrust, an online resource cataloguing Canadian hip hop
history and culture will launch on March 4th, 2010 with the hip hop
exhibit “T-Dot Pioneers”, an exploration of Toronto’s hip hop history at
Toronto Free Gallery from March 4th, 2010 closing April 18th, 2010.

First ever of it’s kind, will be home to a collection
of artifacts and multimedia memorabilia such as early vinyl recordings,
artwork, performances and literature produced by Canadian hip hop artists
and enthusiasts going as far back as the early 80’s and highlighting
contributions from across Canada.


K4ce aka Mr. Force is a hip hop impresario who coined the term Tdot, and
arguably one of the illest rhyme slingers, verse writers, beat makers,
hook crafters, party rocka's in the history of Toronto hip hop. A
celebrated MC, K4ce has worked with the likes of has worked with the likes
of Michie Mee, Maestro, Ghetto Concept, Sunshine Sound Crew and more.


Hip Hop Dialogue Events in March 2010

Lets Talk About...HIP HOP Baby! Panels and Discussions throughout the
month of March at Toronto Free Gallery

Saturday March 6th 2010, 2pm – 5pm
Where the ladies @ ? : Panel and Discussion
Free Admission

Droppin’ Dimez Radio partners with The Bigger than Hip Hop show and T-Dot
Pioneers to present “Where the Ladies@?”: a frank discussion between women
representing various areas of the music industry.

Panelists: Michie Mee (Recording Artist), Jeni (Flow 93.5), Isis
(Thunderheist), Tara Muldoon (, Daniella Etienne
(Universal Urban/The Remix Project), True Daley (Recording Artist/Writer),
Lady P (Toronto Hip Hop Connoisseur) and DJ L'Oqenz.


Saturday March 27th 2010, 2pm – 5pm
When Rappers Used to Dance : Panel and Discussion
Free Admission

OTA Live and the Bigger than Hip Hop Show partner to present a panel
discussion called “When Rappers Use to Dance: An exploration of hip hop
history and culture”. Looking at the emergence of the bling era and dance
as a major aspect of the MC's persona.

Panelists: Rinaldo Walcott (University of Toronto), DJ Grumps (Bigger than
Hip Hop), Citizen Kane, Dalton Higgins ( project
consigliere), True Daley,Ty Harper (OTA Live) and Ian Kamau (Recording

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