January 31, 2009

What is a Tdot Pioneer?

The first time I used the term Tdot Pioneers, a well-respected member of the Toronto hip hop community laughed. She wasn't being malcious, I think she just had never heard the term before. This is because no one really talks about all the djs, emcees, producers, dancers and writers that were steady on the scene since the Fantastic Voyage began playing hip hop in 1982.
Therefore, this site is dedicated to reppin' Toronto Hip hop history, Canada's first hip hop community. The logo I use for this site is from the Solitair record in the picture. In the mid 1990s Kneedeep records was grindin' out some of the best hip hop this city has ever produced, bring us the likes of Choclair (www.choclair.net), Marvel (http://www.myspace.com/marvelmc), Kardinal (www.kardinaloffishall.com/)and many of other circle members. Like all pioneers, these cats built upon the foundation left by K4rce, Rumble and Strong, Michie Mee, Ivan Berry and many others.

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