January 31, 2009

Lady P, Toronto's first female emcee

Before records were cut, college radio shows, or monster jams there were soundcrews. Like the soundsystems of Jamaica's pre- and early reggae years, these soundproviders fed hunger party goers. Killowatt soundcrew was on of Toronto's westend sounds in the early 1980s. Unlike other soundcrews of their day Killowat had a female Dj in the crew (DJ M & M) and a hypewoman by the name of Lady P. Remembered by most as the first lady to step to the mic, Lady P paved the way for people like Michie Mee, Fly K, Tara Chase and others. In 2007, the Stylus DJ Awards awarded this pioneering sound crew with a lifetime achievement award. Long before troop suits and shell toes, Lady P definitely paved the way for all aspiring emcees in Toronto. Check her and Fuller G dressed to the Ts. Done know.

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Anonymous said...

BUT OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!... LADY P on the microphone... that's my big cousin and I'm soooooooooo proud to see she's getting her much deserved props!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MUCH RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!