February 9, 2009

8 hours and 45 seconds!!!!!

When talking about pioneers the name D.O. (defy the odds) should be mentioned. Back in 2003 my man set the Guinness World Record for the World's Longest Freestyle. At the Markham fairgrounds, outdoor nonetheless, D.O. ripped it for 8 hours and 45 seconds! For those young cats that be spitting practiced freestyles take notes. If you check the video, D.O. is rhyming about people passing by and whatever comes to his mind. Rather than trying to be the 'king of his city' my man took on the world, grabbing the guinness record. This was nothing new for a cat who was eating emcees at the Source Unsigned Hype competition in Detroit years ago. Today, D.O. is rockin' crowds alongside Slakah the Beatchild as the Art of Fresh duo (http://www.theartoffresh.com/).
D.O. hit me off with a copy of the Guinness plaque, it's pictured above.
Also, check D.O.'s catalogue, it is deep--> www.doyall.com.

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