February 2, 2009

Figures of Speech on Rapcity ca. 1995

Rapcity (Canada's Yo! MTV raps) was the spot back in the day where aspiring crews could get their shine on. Check this video, featuring a rare appearance by Y-Look, (www.ylooks.blogspot.com) an emcee turned lawyer who was an integral member of the Circle's success in the 90s. Also check Saukrates, Marvel, Solitair, and Kardinal all cats who kept the hip hop scene poppin' in the 1990s. Rapcity and X-Tendamix were industry engines providing much needed airplay for Canadian hip hop artists. At muchmusic Master T was the man (along with help from Roxy!) who made hip hop and black musics happen on the 'nation's music station'. Master T would put you on, if you came correct and he mentored artists so that they could come correct with a video, promo material and press package. Almost all the cats in this crew session have experienced success in the music industry thanks to the important groundwork Master T, the constant professional put in on the daily. Bigup T!

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