October 24, 2009

Boogie Down Productions, the BX to Tdot...22 years ago?

When I first heard that Michie Mee was down with Boogie Down Productions, I knew there was a moment in which Toronto had arrived long before the term Tdot O, or before the post-Fresh Arts Toronto hip hop explosion. In 1987, I was just trying to get me a BMX bike, had not idea of the major moves happening in my city. Hadn't even got into Kane or P.E. just some Run D.M.C. I was just lucky to get me hand on this gem of a record cause as you can see there is also featured on this record two joints from Rumble and Strong and all joints are produced by Boogie Down Productions. What makes this record real special to me is that I know during this era Canadian hip hop artists weren't asking New York hip hop artist to be on their tracks. Instead, there was a mutual awareness and respect for each other's work and since Toronto was one of the first trips New York cats took to test their material, it only seems right. Imagine, in 1987 Eric and Parrish weren't gettin paid, Rakim was not paid in full and most hip hoppers were in it for the love, the sheer excitement of seeing Doug E. Fresh or Biz Markie make music with their mouths...

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