December 31, 2009

Pound Magazine

Long before Nas claimed hip hop is dead, the forward thinkers at Pound Magazine were already philosophizing. This issue from December 1999 I believe this was issue number 2, an almost palm-sized gem found for free on streets of Toronto. Pound was one of the rare places that you could read interviews with Dilated Peoples, Jeru and nuff (what people would call underground) artists, and also read about the political exploits of third world destabilization efforts a la Henry Kissinger. Long before most people had regular access to the internet, Pound was the place where you could read interviews with cats that weren't on the radio and not making the cover of the source. More importantly, Pound was never a hype-machine, much like bigger American mags, like the Source and XXL. More importantly, Pound never fronted on homeground talent, making sure Kardi got the cover early in his career, Sauks and Redman blessed a cover and Chiznock, during the rough Blake Savage days also got a cover. Nice to see the homeground repped right. miss Pound...

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